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We help ecom business owners generate an extra 15-30% in sales every month through automated email systems that turn site visitors into profits.

Fully Leverage Your Greatest Asset: Your Customers

Email is one of the most powerful sales channels you have available. It’s also the most underutilized. Why? Because it’s either ignored or just flat out poorly leveraged.

Without the right strategy, design, and copy… your email marketing is doomed to failure. You’ll find yourself just staring at your screen, wondering where it all went wrong. 

Because if you’re not making AT LEAST 15% of your sales from email, you’re leaving cash on the table… lots of it. 

We’re here to flip the switch for you. Start collecting all the sales already in your business, and turn your casual buyers into ravenous brand champions with a passion for your brand that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns. 

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Why Would You Want Professional Help With Your Email?

#1 Connect With Your Customers

The single most important goal in your entire business should be to connect with your customers. 

The kind of brand loyalty that email can deliver for you is invaluable for your store. 

From creating brand evangelists who shout your praises from the rooftops to a group of online warriors providing customer support and recommendations on social media, the benefits of creating and nurturing strong bonds between you and your customers are endless and priceless. 

The biggest quantifiable measure however, is creating hordes of repeat buyers. Buyers who wait, credit card in hand with baited breath for your next product release, a restock of your best selling product, and more. 

Your businesses health, wealth, and future will be determined by the bond you can create with customers. 

Don’t wait. 

#2 It's Your Single Most Important Asset

Never build a business on rented land right?

Your email list is the single asset that cannot be taken away from you. Social media platforms can change their policies on a whim, or just delete your account because they mood strikes them…

Google can change their algorithm overnight and turn your search traffic to crickets…

But your email list is yours and yours alone. 

Why leave your foundational asset to chance? Why just “wing it” with the single most valuable sales machine in existence. 

Don’t pass on an investment that will pay you back many times over on autopilot. 

#3 Increase (and Predict) Your Revenue

The ultimate goal of your email marketing strategy should be to build strong, unbreakable bonds between your brand and your customers. 

The way we measure this is through sales. 

After working with yus, you’ll know roughly how much revenue you will be able to generate every single month from your email marketing flows and sequences. 

You’ll also know how much revenue each individual campaign you send to your list should generate as well. 

This invaluable knowledge will not only skyrocket your bottom line revenue, but it will give you confidence in your projections looking forward. 

Every Day You Wait Is A Day You Waste

Your store is leaking money. A great email marketing system will plug the holes and grow your bottom line.

What to Expect When We Work Together

We have a very systematic and goal oriented process, and we like to work with straightforward people. 

1. Consultation & Questionnaire

You’re not some dime a dozen cookie cutter online store. Your brand, your story, your value proposition… All of these are very unique to you and your business. 

To get the ball rolling, we’ll take an in depth look into your current traffic, email marketing strategy, content, and effectiveness. Based on those results, we’ll have a very good idea of whether or not (and how much!) your brand can benefit from professional email marketing. If you can, I’ll shoot you a quick proposal and estimated timeline. 

Once we’re set to move forward, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire that really nails down your brand, your story, your value, audience, and more. 

From there, we’ll review your answers, analyze your current email flows, past campaigns, and from there, hop on a call for a more in depth discussion on your goals and how we will meet them with your email marketing. 

2. Patton Level Strategy

General Patton was renowned for his tremendous battlefield strategy and execution. And while your business is far from a battlefield, we approach your marketing strategy with the same fervor and tactical mindset. 

We focus on how each campaign, each sequence, each email, builds upon the previous and sets up future messages, no matter the platform. We are far less concerned with open rates and click rates as we are about the two most important benefits of any brand’s email marketing. 

Sales and the bond your customers feel to your brand. 

Our strategy will carry your brand from random sales via email to consistent, repeatable performance that creates revenue on demand and scales with you to any size. 

3. First Draft Completion

Once the core story and strategy is in place, we will use it as the North Star to guide us in the writing of every email in your sequences. 

We will deliver the first draft within the scheduled delivery dates, which vary from project to project, but usually fall somewhere between 2-3 weeks. 


4. Unlimited Revisions

We guarantee 100% satisfaction, and offer unlimited revisions on sequences until they outperform your current sequences, provided there is no structural change in the overall strategy outlined previously. 

When you hire us, our goal isn’t to get paid. It’s to massively grow your business through email marketing. That means that you can expect us to speak up when we think that a request won’t achieve the desired effect. 

Now, that being said, when the rubber meets the road, YOU are the customer, and have the final and ultimate say-so. We take pride in our excellent track record of creating email campaigns and sequences that not only create massive revenue for your business, but that you take pride in and are happy to talk about and enjoy with your customers. 

Are You Ready To Collect The Sales You've Been Missing?

Your store is leaking money. A great email marketing system will plug the holes and grow your bottom line.

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